Learning Environment

At Montessori Academy on the Ranch, our mission is to create a nurturing environment and academic program of highest quality using the philosophy and curriculum of Dr. Maria Montessori. Early childhood is the most rapid period of development in a human life. Our individualized curriculum puts your child in control of his/her own learning. The true Montessori classroom is arranged in such a way that enables the students to explore freely and celebrate their abilities. Our goal is to provide your child the opportunity to develop his/her physical, mental, and spiritual growth.

At our school, children will have opportunities to:

  • Cultivate their curiosity and nurture their sense of wonder.
  • Develop independence and positive self-esteem.
  • Practice collaboration and problem solving.
  • Increase coordination, fine-motor skills, and focus.
  • Be themselves and develop individual and group identities within the community.

Socialization for young children is an important ingredient for successful learning. We also focus on building relationships and expressing emotions. To hold true to our mission, our highly qualified teachers are committed to providing a secure environment that gives your child the stability he or she needs to explore the world at large and the opportunity to build themselves to their fullest potential. The Montessori experience is a wonderful gift to your child.

The Christian faith is brought into all classrooms at the discretion of the lead teachers. Each classroom will contain a Children’s Bible. Teachers may provide a weekly Bible lesson or find other opportunities to promote Christian values including daily prayer, grace before meals, music and stories. Note that all children will participate in Christmas and Easter celebrations.