Enrichment Programs



Music with Mr. Jules is included in our curriculum. Mr. Jules is an award-winning early childhood educator and musician.  Combining these two talents, he has created a highly entertaining children’s music show. During a group lesson with Mr. Jules each week, the children will participate in singing songs and dancing as he introduces music education and various musical instruments to the children.



Art class with Ms. Tedra is included in our primary classroom.  In this class, the children will explore color line and design. Your child will be introduced to cultural art, art history, and work with different mediums. All of these experiences will build your child appreciation of art, beauty, and cultural awareness.



The Christian faith is brought into all classrooms at the discretion of the lead teachers.  Each classroom will contain a Children’s Bible.  Teachers are encouraged to provide a weekly Bible lesson and/or other opportunities to promote Christian values including daily prayer, grace before meals, music and stories.  Please note that all children will participate in Christmas and Easter celebrations.



Through the exploration of different types of music, instruments, and movement, your child will have a broad spectrum of experiences with music. This music class creates a positive relationship with music at an early age and builds a musical foundation that will benefit your child's future education. 

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This course is an introduction to ballet in a light and inspiring manner with free creative movement and character dancing.  Our dance class atmosphere is small and personal, with a strong emphasis in celebrating the joy of dance and learning.  This once per week class is a non-competitive, fun, and enriching experience.



This program is an excellent source of physical activity and development of healthy habits. Through the activities and games played, the children will learn soccer skills, teamwork, and communication. A high emphasis is also placed on character development, sharing, and respect. Not to mention it is lots of fun!



This class is a fun mobile exercise class designed the way all kids want to play. Your child will be introduced to the four disciplines of gymnastics - Vault, Bars, Beam, and Floor - while learning a variety of creative motor skills activities and games. Your child will receive professional instructions on custom designed equipment provided by the instructor. Children of all ages, sizes, abilities, and energy levels are welcome to join this exciting class.



This creative ceramics class will teach the art of hand building clay. Children will use their imagination along with a variety of fun tools to create original works of art. Klay Kids is great for the development of fine motor skills, creative problem solving, patience, and self-esteem.

Additional & Important Info

Creative Gymnastics, Soccer Shots, Ballet, My Music Workshop, Karate for Kids, and Klay Kids are offered after the academic day and are NOT included in our curriculum (additional fees required). The other programs are offered during the academic day. Programs may vary at each campus. Please speak to the front desk for more information about the enrichment programs.